Communication skills are critical throughout life, no matter what it is you are trying to do. This topic focuses on developing the soft skills you need in order to become an effective communicator.

Here are just some of the things you will find out about:

  • what are the different types of communication?
  • why is non-verbal communication so important?
  • how to assess your own communication skills
  • how you can practice and hone your communication skills

In this topic you will find links to a wide range of videos and blog posts, each of which will give you different perspectives.

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Different Communication Styles

People have different communication styles and tend to default towards their preferred styles. Watch this and think about what  communication styles you prefer and how to recognise preference in others.

How good are your communication skills?

Here you will find more information about what good communication skills really look like. Once you have digested the information, why not take a moment to assess your own communication skills. Think about what you do well and what you might like to improve.

What is communication?

This resource gives you a definition of communication.

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Young Leaders

Young Leaders is a programme for young people aged 13-18 based in London or Manchester. It focuses on helping young people to develop key skills that will enable them to thrive in different environments, such as at school, at work and at home

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