This lesson includes a number of resources to help you cultivate well-being. You’ll see that the lesson is further divided into four topics. Each of these topics takes you through to a wide range of links to resources that you may find helpful.

Start here!

Before you explore the links, we suggest you begin with the core content of the module, which you will find further down on this page, below the topic list. This is mainly composed of the following:

  1. A 5-day challenge, a guided programme that combines audiovisual content with exercises that will allow you to question your conditioning, clarify your core values, redefine success in your own terms, become more aligned with your personal truth, and integrate more purpose into your daily life.
  2. The core values exercise, which is designed to help you identify these key principles that guide your decisions and actions.
  3. The TMBP resources, which provide you with a wide range of additional resources grouped into specific categories.
  4. A webinar, which focuses on how to develop self-trust.
  5. A range of infographic and visual resources to supplement the material.

Core Content

Create a More Purpose-Filled Life (5-Day Challenge) BOOST Download File
Core Values Exercise BOOST Download File
TMBP Resources Page Download File
Webinar_How to Develop More Self Trust Download File
TMBP BODY SCAN Download File
tmbp healing triangle Download File